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Scuff Stuff


Scuffs seem like such an un-glamorous topic for a blog post. Especially the first one. However, since this recent discovery has saved many shoes from the trash, I felt an obligation to share this miracle as soon as the chance arose.

It’s always the shoes you wear the most that you need to last the longest. Most shoe ailments can be fixed; rubbed out soles, broken heels and even color can be corrected with the right shade of polish (nail or shoe!) And so I lived in shoetopia until I encountered the black lines on my white patent leather pumps. “No big deal” I thought, “some water or makeup remover and they’ll be wearable again.” They were not wearable again and for a long time sat lonely thanking their lucky stars I did not have the heart to throw them out. Enter hot pink skirt. There was no way I could not wear white pumps with a hot pink skirt and so I got some popcorn and started up Safari. Within two minutes I was trying this remedy and that one with great difficulty as my crossed fingers were knocking on wood. Those scuffs were more stubborn than anything I tried until nail polish remover bested them! In half the amount of time it took to get the scuffs, they were off, my shoes were pure white again, and I was surrounded by cotton balls and too many cleaning solutions. Now my fuchsia skirt lives harmoniously with the white shoes and nail polish remover has a front and center spot in my cabinet.

Kids, you can try this at home but please test a small, inconspicuous spot of the shoe first to make sure the color doesn’t come off. In addition to that, once your’re done, you may want to put some Vaseline or other petroleum jelly-based product to protect the material.



Katie Schlesinger

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